Governing Board

Governing Board

The Headmaster is responsible to the Governing Board which currently comprises 18 Governors and 19 Honorary Governors. The Board bears responsibility in law for the activities of the School and the Headmaster reports formally on these activities each term. Many Governors are Strathallians and parents (past and present) and the composition of the Board covers a range of professional expertise from different parts of the country.

Governing Body

The principal functions of the Board are:

  • To monitor and to advise on all aspects of the School's activities
  • The appointment of the principal officers of the School (Headmaster, Bursar and Director of Marketing) and approval of others (Deputy Head Pastoral and Chaplain)
  • The election of its members and its Chairman
  • The control of the School's finances

All decisions are taken by the full Board, which meets each term. The Executive Committee, which comprises each of the Committee Convenors, meets prior to the main Board Meeting. It also prepares the Budget and proposes Capital Expenditure. The House and Grounds Committee is concerned with the upkeep of School facilities and the Capital Expenditure Programme.

Other sub-committees are the Marketing Committee, Pastoral and Health Committee and the Education Committee.

To view the list of the Board of Governors please click here.

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