Strathallan aims to provide boys and girls from 9 to 18 years of age with such a range of academic work, games and activities that there is an opportunity for everyone to excel at something.

What people say about Strathallan...

“Life is wonderful at Strathallan, and I have made so many friends. The fact that most of the pupils board makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of the School and there is never a dull moment as we have so much to do academically as well as sport, music and activities.”

“We are convinced that we made the right decision in placing our daughter at Strathallan. The School has been instrumental in her achieving her highest academic potential and ultimately gaining a place at Cambridge, quite apart from having a wonderful time which I know she will look back on with great fondness for the rest of her life."


“I am already in love with the School after only my second week. I looked out of my bedroom window this morning and was greeted with the most spectacular views and glorious sunshine. I am in awe of the quality of teaching and can't believe how much I have learnt. I have learnt more in two weeks than the equivalent to what would take a term to cover at my previous school, which is one of the most famous schools in the southern hemisphere. It is no secret that Scotland offers the highest education in the world. I am just delighted that I have been made so welcome and settled in so quickly.”

“The School revolves around boarding, with two-thirds of the 560+ pupils boarding. Being a member of the Strathallan community is a wonderful experience in itself, but crucially it is also an outstanding preparation for the future, which Strathallan can certainly say with pride is what they offer.”

“I could not have imagined a better time and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I made so many lifelong friends. Scotland is a beautiful place and I miss the rolling hills and warm microclimate. Strathallan is an amazing School and I enjoyed every day. From the heart-stressing sport to the academic tests, I loved every moment of it. The teachers are amazing and are a real credit to the School. Everyone at Strath made my time exceptional and I can't find the words to describe exactly how I feel. Tears fill my eyes as my memories play through my head thinking about my time with everyone... I cannot wait to go back as there is definitely magic there, but I am well prepared to face the challenges ahead and despite wishing I could go back in time and relive it all again I know that I must embrace university life as Strath has taught me to do – embrace and believe!"

“I have to say I was completely won over by the atmosphere in the School. From the youngest to the eldest the pupils seemed like such a happy confident bunch – it was a pleasure to see. The staff too seemed not only professional but also had an air about them of people who just knew they had found themselves in the right place. All in all, I shall happily report to all I meet that Strathallan is a great place to be.”

Opportunities for all to excel

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