Awards which are normally worth between 10% and 20% of the fees are made on the basis of competitive examination/assessment. Fee assistance (Bursary) is available to supplement awards for outstanding candidates on a financial need basis.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of competitive examination to candidates entering the School at three levels:

Sixth Form (S5/Year 12): Candidates should normally be sitting GCSEs or Standard Grades in the summer of 2018.

Third Form (S2/Year 9): for entry into the Senior part of the School.
Candidates should be under 14 on 1 September 2018.

Junior: for entry into Riley House at age 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Candidates should be under 13 on 1 September 2018.

Arrangements for entry in September 2018 are as follows:

(i) Sixth Form – Friday 17 & Saturday 18 November 2017
Candidates take exams in two of the subjects which they will be taking in Lower Sixth Form.
They will also have an interview with the Headmaster and Deputy Head Academic and take reasoning/problem solving tests.

(ii) Junior – Friday 26 & Saturday 27 January 2018
Candidates will take a Reasoning Test and sit compulsory papers in English and Maths.

(iii) Third Form – Monday 26 February to Thursday 1 March 2018
Candidates sit compulsory papers in English, *French, Maths and Science and at least one paper
from Geography, History or Latin. They will also be interviewed, and take a foreign language
listening and oral examination and Reasoning/Problem Solving Tests.

(*Where the candidate has not studied French, a paper in German or Spanish can be offered.)

Exemplar material and/or subject specifications are available from the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Felicity Legge on +44(0) 1738815003 or

Assessments for the following categories take place at the same time as the academic programme above*:


Awards are made on the basis of outstanding ability in one or more sports and generic tests to gauge skills and athletic potential. Candidates will also be assessed where possible by watching them participate in their chosen sport(s), by representative honours and by coaches’ reports. They will also be interviewed by the Director of Sport, Miss Audrey Sime.


Candidates will be asked to submit a portfolio of artwork following initial discussion with the Head of Art, Mrs Lacey Davies. Candidates will also be expected to attend for interview and practical assessment.


The Director of Music, Mr Richard Walmsley, will audition candidates who will be expected to play prepared pieces, and show proficiency in sight-reading and in an aural test.
A similar arrangement can be made for piping or drumming awards where assessments will also be carried out by our tutors in those fields.


Candidates will be required to sit a product design paper and present a portfolio of work. The School is also part of the Arkwright Scholarship Scheme under which pupils are given financial support to study Design Technology in the Sixth Form. Selection is on the basis of an examination and interview with an Assessment Panel. Awards are made by the Arkwright Scholarship Trust, which receives funds from industry.


Candidates will be auditioned by Mrs Robertson-Barnett who is in charge of the Performing Arts programme and will be asked to perform a short prepared piece followed by an unseen. Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their past and current involvement in the Performing Arts. Any supporting documentation or media will be reviewed at the time of audition.


It is possible for students who are already part of the Strathallan community to enter for scholarships at the appropriate times. All candidates are, however, reminded of the high standards expected. There are areas such as Music and Sport where particular ability can be become apparent at a later stage of development but under normal circumstances it would not be expected for a candidate to enter for a scholarship having already undertaken an assessment at entry. Advice is available from the School about all aspects of the programme.
NB. It is important to realise that to achieve a Scholarship it is necessary to demonstrate a very high level of achievement and/or potential. Certainly Academic Scholars would be expected to achieve top grades in all their public examinations and achieve entry to the most competitive universities. Successful candidates in Sport, Music, Choral, Performing Arts Scholarships will normally be expected to have achieved at least representative honours and to be achieving standards some way beyond those of a school team/group. Total commitment and exemplary attitude and achievement will be expected throughout their school career. Scholarship awards are made solely on the basis of ability.


Fee assistance may be awarded dependent on financial circumstances and is available to pupils who have qualified for entry. It is not necessary for successful candidates for bursaries to have achieved scholarship standard but it may be possible to add a bursary award to a scholarship to enable a pupil to come to Strathallan. Candidates applying for bursary awards may request a scholarship Our assessment to support such an application. We very much wish to encourage high calibre candidates. We do not show particular preference to one scholarship area but value all aspects of the academic programme and the extra curricular provision which is available in the School for our Private School Scholarship

All enquiries about Scholarships should be addressed to:
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