Racism and Black Lives Matter - our commitment to equality and fairness

Racism and Black Lives Matter - our commitment to equality and fairness

Our statement on racism and Black Lives Matter

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that have taken place in the United States and around the world, there has been intense and ongoing scrutiny of our institutions and, crucially, the education system.

Strathallan has been and continues to determine what more we may do as a school to confront racism and prejudice wherever it exists and is perpetuated by members of our community.

The schools values of Respect, Honesty, Hard Work, Kindness, Excellence and Humility, all underpinned by the universal value of Love, promote naturally inclusion, tolerance and diversity. By articulating and promoting its core values through assemblies, Chapel, the curriculum and the house tutoring and mentoring systems, the school seeks to encourage and engender within our community the behaviours and understanding that challenge racism and prejudice based on race and ethnicity as well as religion or identity.

As a result of ongoing discussions, the School is launching its first Inclusion and Diversity Committee from September 2020. This is a committee that comprised pupils and staff that are representative of the demographics of the school as a whole - there are over 200 teaching and support staff and over 40 nationalities and every world religion (and no religion) represented within the 550-strong pupil body.

The committee will be engaged in a variety of activities going forward:

With this in mind, Strathallan School has committed to the following:

  • It has been asked to consider the School’s Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Policy and suggesting both pertinent amendments and practical outcomes from these to enable the Policy to be active, live and impactful
  • The committee has been tasked with making suggestions for how the school can take forward and implement more explicitly our Equality agenda in tackling racism in all its forms and supporting our BAME pupils and staff
  • A consideration of the Co-curricular provision of the school as lockdown restrictions ease has been identified as an important way in which we can both reflect and be sensitive to the needs and experiences of our diverse community
  • Guest speakers, either in person or online, will be invited both for their individual expertise and ability to enrich and inform our pupils as well as their ability to reflect the diversity in the school and the broad backgrounds our pupils come from, ensuring that their voice and experiences are reflected back to them, ensuring they feel valued, respected and that they belong
  • Reflections on the curriculum will be sought from the experiences of members of the Committee to be taken alongside the School’s review of the curriculum and both used to inform a discussion and decisions about the appropriateness of the content and value of this as we prepare pupils for life after school in a diverse and global world

In addition to the work of the committee and the review of the curriculum over this coming academic year, once exam board information has been updated to reflect the restrictions of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the school is also continuing and undertaking the following:

  • The ongoing review of school policies and procedures relating to race, BLM, Inclusion, Diversity and the promotion of these
  • The inclusion of these issues in PSD at an earlier stage
  • The use of MUN, Debating and Pubic Speaking to engage pupils in the ideas and issues that lead to better understanding of Race, religion, cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Considering the Exam boards’ reading and text lists and lobbying where appropriate for the inclusion of culturally diverse and BAME authors
  • A review of the current Library stock to ensure the promotion of materials that work in sympathy ad to assist the policies of the school in relation to inclusion and diversity as well as the curriculum

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