Bursaries and fee assistance

Means-tested support

At Strathallan we believe that every talented child should be able to access the education we provide and its associated benefits. We provide a number of means-tested bursaries to enable this.  Bursary awards are made in terms of a % remission (money off) of the full fees and they are assessed according to parents’ ability to pay full fees and the availability of bursary funds in the School.

Anyone seeking to apply to Strathallan can apply for a means-tested bursary but please be aware that there is a finite amount of funding available each year and therefore not all applicants will be successful.

Bursaries are awarded independently of any scholarship or other award but any pupil who is successfully awarded a scholarship may also apply for a bursary. Bursaries are also completely separate from the admissions process. At the point when a pupil is offered a place, his or her family’s financial background is not taken into account – the place is awarded on merit. Families who feel they may be eligible can then apply for a means-tested bursary.


The School undertakes its main bursary award process in March and April.

How to apply

Applications for bursaries must be done through the Bursar’s office. To apply, please download and complete the application form below.

For other enquiries please contact the Bursar, Mr. Anthony Glasgow or telephone +44(0) 1738 812504.

Financial assistance for current pupils

We recognise that sometimes the financial circumstances of parents of our current pupils may change and we will do everything we can to assist. In addition to offering Bursary support, we will assist parents with identifying sources of funding to enable a pupil to remain within the School community if family financial circumstances change. While not definitive, we keep a list of suitable educational Trusts which can be approached for help with School fees.

Anyone considering this form of funding is invited to discuss their circumstances with the Bursar, who will be able to provide advice.

download the bursary application form

Financial Assistance with Fees Information