Beyond the classroom

A focus on all-round education


In Riley, just as in the senior part of the School, learning outwith the classroom is as important as the learning that goes on within the classroom and we focus on providing a truly all-round education where every child can find their niche.

Breadth of opportunity

In Riley, there is a commitment to helping pupils discover what inspires them. It is our responsibility to help each and every child uncover what they are passionate about. No pupil is forced to participate in activities they are not interested in. We suggest activities and they try things until they find programmes that they enjoy and wish to pursue.” Emma Lalani, Housemistress

Every day is packed with lessons and activities. Once classes have finished pupils have the option to participate in activities that they wish to pursue, from hockey, swimming and rugby, to climbing, choir and orchestra.

  • All Riley pupils learn an instrument and have opportunities to play at the Riley informal concert
  • Riley pupils have access to all of Strathallan’s outstanding facilities
  • On the first weekend of each academic year, all Riley pupils take part in a bonding day at the Landmark Forest Adventure Park, near Aviemore.
  • Curriculum days are held twice a year, taking pupils outside the classroom for a day of interactive and inventive learning
  • Every pupil performs at Riley Informal Concerts each term and every child has the opportunity to perform in the School’s Musical Showcase at Perth Concert Hall
  • There are numerous activities pupils can try at the end of the academic day photography to fly fishing
  • In the summer term all pupils are involved in the Riley musical
  • Inter division competitions, which include music, drama and sport, take place regularly and are very popular with pupils
  • There is a Riley Pupil Council providing a forum for all pupils to share their concerns or suggestions with staff.