Riley for day pupils

Extensive opportunities, combined with flexibility

in Riley we make no distinction between our day pupils and our boarders. The relatively small size of the House allows all the children to form great friendships and they learn and grow together, enjoying unforgettable experiences that will live with them forever.

Riley facts

  • Pupils benefit from all the excellent facilities that a boarding school provides with everything on one campus.
  • Day pupils can choose to stay on after tea for prep, where tutors are on hand to offer support as required. There is no extra charge.
  • We offer day pupil transport to and from a variety of locations and pupils have the option to board for socials and events or by arrangement.

Being a day pupil in a boarding school

Some of the key benefits of being a day pupil in a boarding school include the huge range of academic, sporting, creative and recreational facilities on site and the network of support and teaching staff available around the clock. Together, combined with our strong ethos and values, they create a wonderful environment in which to learn.

Add this to the flexibility of pick-up times for busy parents and our comprehensive minibus service throughout the region and both pupils and parents can get the best out of school.

Our day pupils arrive at around 8am and have the option either to leave after classes and activities in the afternoon or to stay until after prep or when the minibuses leave to take them home at 7.30pm.

See the minibus timetable