Examination Results

A Level Results 2017

Another successful year

Strathallan pupils are celebrating another year of excellent A Level results with 75% of all grades A* to B and one in five pupils achieving straight A*/A or A grades.

In what is the first year of the new A Level system the results are particularly pleasing to report.

  • 43% A*or A (national average 26.3%)
  • 75% A*-B

One in five pupils achieved straight A or A*/A

A special mention goes to all those pupils who achieved straight A or A*/A grades; together they represent one in five of all those who studied a full A Level programme this year.

Higher Results 2017

Continued improvement – best results in ten years

The results for those pupils studying Scottish Highers have been excellent with 65% achieving A to B grades.

  • 31% achieved A
  • 65% achieved A to B
  • 84% achieved A to C

GCSE Results 2017

10% achieve top grade 9

In the year when the new GCSE system has been introduced for Maths, English Language and English Literature we are delighted that 10% of pupils taking these subjects have achieved the top grade of 9, above the top level of A*. This compares to national results of 3.5% being awarded 9 in Maths, 2.2% in English Language and 3.2% in English Literature.

In the new grading the previous A* and A grades are split into three grades 7,8 and 9 – with 9 awarded to those with marks at the top of the old A* grade. In what has been the biggest overhaul of the examination system since GCSEs were first introduced to replace O Levels nearly 30 years ago there were national concerns about the level of difficulty of the new exams. Yet Strathallan pupils have countered fears with strong results with 34% achieving the top grades of 7, 8 and 9 equivalent to the old A*/A grades in English Language in English Literature and 49% achieving those grades in Mathematics. This compares to the national figure of 20%.

An increase in the number of pupils achieving A*/8/9

Taking grades across all subjects, more pupils than ever before have achieved the highest levels.

  • 22% achieved A*/9/8
  • 42% achieved A*/A/9/8/7

A bright future

Our pupils follow a variety of pathways and many heading to leading universities.

Overall the vast majority of pupils have secured a place at their first choice universities with a diverse spread of destination choices from some of the UK’s most selective institutions. The most popular destinations in Scotland are the Universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow and choices elsewhere in the UK include the London School of Economics, Kings College London, Imperial College, the Universities of Bath and Bristol and BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music).

To study a wide breadth of subjects

The range of degree programmes selected is also wide, a reflection of the breadth of education and diversity of interests at Strathallan. Courses chosen include Astrophysics, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Law, Urban Planning, Adult Nursing, Geography, Social Anthropology and Molecular Biology.

Strathallan’s focus on encouraging a global outlook has also been embraced with a number of pupils electing to study abroad.


Examination Results 2015 – 2017

 2017 2016 2015
 A Level A*-B  75% 76% 74%
 Higher A/B:  65% 39% 54%
 GCSE     A*/A; 9/8/7:  42% 40% 36%