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Classics trip to Rome

At half term the Classics department, joined by some Artists, made its biennial pilgrimage to Rome. In a hectic four days we scoured the city for Augustan art and architecture, and tasted some of the best ice cream on the planet.
We visited the major classical sites and museums, but also experienced the grandeur of the Vatican Museums (7 kilometres of artistic opulence) and discovered some of the masterpieces hidden in the churches. A new addition to the itinerary was the National Museum, unimposing on the outside but containing a number of hugely impressive works of art, including the paintings from the houses of Livia and Agrippa. It was encouraging to see how much more welcoming to school groups Rome has become in the last six years and we had an efficient and patient reception everywhere we went.
In the evenings the various groups made increasingly ambitious gastronomic expeditions (the highlight of which was the Prosciutteria, by the Trevi fountain) and showed increasing confidence in looking after themselves in a foreign city.
The weather and the company made Rome 2017 a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Rome 2019 is now less than two years away….