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Junior Scholarship days…apply now!

Have you got your applications in yet for our Junior Scholarship days? Time is ticking, so be quick if you want to apply!

The Scholarship days take place over the 26th and 27th January, with successful candidates being awarded a remission on fees. This is usually between 10 and 20%.

We provide scholarships in the following areas;

Choral Studies
Design Technology
Performing Arts

Candidates can apply for academic scholarship assessment for entry to Riley, Junior House (ages 9 to 13), Third Form (S2/Year 9) and Sixth Form (S5/Year 12) only. Applications for non-academic scholarships will be considered for entry to all years.


Scholarship applications are judged by members of school staff in specific areas and are awarded in open competition to candidates who demonstrate a very high level of achievement and potential.

Academic Scholars are expected to achieve top grades in all their public examinations and achieve entry to the most competitive universities. Successful scholarship candidates in Sport, Music, Choral and Performing Arts will normally be expected to have achieved at least representative honours and to be achieving standards beyond those expected of a normal school team/group. In addition, total commitment, an exemplary attitude and high levels of achievement will be expected throughout their school career.

Fee assistance is available to supplement awards for outstanding candidates on a financial need basis. Scholarship pupils are given priority in the fee assistance programme.

Academic scholarship examinations

Sixth Form Candidates take exams in two of the subjects they will be taking in Lower Sixth Form. They also have an interview with the Headmaster and Deputy Head Academic and take reasoning/problem solving tests.

Third Form Candidates sit compulsory papers in English, French (including listening and oral),* Maths and Science and at least one paper from Geography, History or Latin as well as reasoning/problem solving tests.

*Where the candidate has not studied French, a paper in German or Spanish can be offered.

They are also interviewed by the Headmaster and Deputy Head Academic

Junior Candidates take a reasoning test and sit scholarship papers in English and Maths.

Exemplar material and subject specifications are available from the Admissions Secretary: admissions@strathallan.co.uk

Other scholarships

Assessments for our other scholarship categories for entry to Riley, Junior House, Third Form and Sixth Form take place at the same time as those for academic scholarships. Assessments for other year groups are arranged on an individual basis.

Sports awards are made on the basis of outstanding ability in one or more sports and generic tests to gauge skills and athletic potential. Candidates are also assessed where possible by watching them participate in their chosen sport(s), by representative honours and by coaches’ reports. Candidates are also interviewed by our Director of Sport.

Art candidates must submit a portfolio of artwork following initial discussion with the Head of Art. Candidates will also be expected to attend for interview and practical assessment.

Music, choral and piping candidates audition for the Director of Music. They will be expected to play prepared pieces and show proficiency in sight-reading and aural tests. Piping and drumming candidates are assessed by our tutors in those fields.

Design Technology candidates sit a product design paper and present a portfolio of work. They will be interviewed by the Head of Department.

Performing Arts candidates will be asked to perform a short prepared piece followed by an unseen piece. Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their past and current involvement in the performing arts. Any supporting documentation or media will be reviewed at the time of audition.

Scholarship dates

Scholarship assessments are on the following dates. You should notify your interest to admissions@strathallan.co.uk at least four weeks before.

Sixth Form – Friday 17th, Saturday 18th November 2017

Junior – Friday 26th & Saturday 27th January, 2018

Third Form – Monday 26th to Thursday 1st March 2018

Please note, candidates will receive a timetable indicating which days they need to attend.

Location for scholarship assessments

All scholarship assessments take place at Strathallan School. If for any reason this is not possible, then academic exams can be taken in your child’s school or in the offices of one our educational partners, under exam conditions.  Please contact the Registrar, Mr David Giles for further information.