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The sound and fury of Macbeth

This year’s school play assaulted its audience with visceral intensity. The Scottish play, Macbeth, played to packed houses and established drama under the new direction of David Foster as vibrant, exciting and intense.   

Led by Torin H as Macbeth whose sheer physical presence on stage gave the piece the force it demanded, an energised and mesmerising cast drew us into the world of ambition and horror. Anna M’s Lady Macbeth was raw and unsettling. As she became an embodiment of the threatening menace of the witches, this play’s physical power became evident. Witches were omnipresent, weaving their way through a mesmerising other-worldly set. Ariana, Bryony, Mine, Rhianna, Elvie and Laura provided an almost constant and unsettling menace to that action that unfolded on stage. 

As ever, the sheer look and sound of the piece was integral to its success. Designed once again by Oliver B and constructed and managed by a stage crew under the experienced auspices of Henry L and Ellen M, this was fully immersive theatrical experience. The tone of the piece was added to by the soundscape, the whole thing however was testament to the schools acting talent, from Josh M’s Banquo to Iona F’s Hecate and Alex B’s Macduff.   

Once again, an amazingly talented collection of people joined forces to show the School’s expressive arts provision at its best, ending term one with a resounding triumph.

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