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The Crucible

The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible isn’t the stuff of traditional Christmas productions, but with its explorations of paranoia, mistrust and abuse of power in some ways it couldn’t be more timely.  Presented on a starkly Puritan wooden raised stage, an extraordinarily talented group of actors took on this most challenging of performances and made it their own.

Bryony B and Iona F’s portrayals of Anny and Mary, the girls at the heart of the Salem witch trials, were mesmerising and unsettling.  They needed to be to match the intensity of Callum B’s John Proctor.  In his first leading role, Callum bought maturity and presence to this central role and absolutely captured the sense of a flawed but honourable man.  The opposing forces led by Eva M’s Judge Danforth and supported by Mine O, Ethan W and Ben M showed how all too easily fear and concern for reputation can take hold.  It was through the sensitive and convincing performance of Morgan P as Hale that we saw how powerless reason can be.  Such was the clarity and force of the acting performances that the key themes were easy to follow but the precarious nature of Puritan mistrust kept everyone on the edges of their seats till the final devastating scenes.

Alex W simply dominated his scenes as the feisty elder, Giles Corey.  Supported in his futile opposition by Izzy D, Demeter K and of course, Anna M as Elizabeth, the power of the whole piece was mesmerising.  The ensemble cast of Salem residents both young and old gave a depth to the performance that bodes well for Strathallan theatre in years to come.

Stage Crew were, once again, simply magnificent in their achievement of what can only be described as professional levels of operation.  Huge congratulations to all, both backstage and front for a first-class level of dramatic performance.

More photos from the performance are available on our Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147168842@N03/albums/72157712072637752