Documents and Records Retention Policy Overview

  1. This is an overview of the Documents and Records Retention Policy for Strathallan School. It sets out why, and for how long, we retain documents and records which contain personal data and sensitive personal data.
  2. Security
    Documents and records on paper are kept in locked filing cabinets located in offices which are locked when not occupied.

    Most documents and records containing personal data or sensitive personal data in digital form are kept on our internal network. Access to our network is protected by our firewall and our password policy. Our main databases are encrypted. Some documents and records are kept in secure cloud storage with the same levels of protection.

  3. Retention Principles
    We only keep personal data for as long as one or more of the following grounds apply:
    1. we have a legitimate interest in retaining it
    2. we have the consent of the data subject
    3. we have a legal obligation to retain it
    4. we need to keep it to fulfil our contractual obligations to the data subject or to the person who entered into the contract
  4. Categories and Retention Times (Please note that any stated retention time may be extended if the information concerned is relevant to any legal proceedings)
    1. Accounting, payroll, tax and financial records are kept for the times required by law or good practice; this is typically up to 7 years though pension scheme records are required to be retained for longer.
    2. Health and Safety records are retained for the times required by law, ranging from 3 years for some accident records to permanent retention for some categories.
    3. HR records are retained for the times required by law or good practice, which ranges from 6 months for unsuccessful applications for employment up to 7 years after the end of employment for many other categories.
    4. Minutes of Meetings are usually kept for one year; some categories of management and Governors’ minutes are kept permanently.
    5. Child Protection records are kept until the individual concerned reaches the age of 25.
    6. Routine pastoral records such as rollcalls are kept for up to a term.
    7. Contact details of those enquiring about admission to the School are kept until the child reaches the anticipated joining date, at which point they are deleted if there has been no further contact.
    8. Contact details for alumni and donors are kept only as long as the individual gives consent for communication.
    9. Contact details for parents whose children have left the School are kept only as long as until all financial commitments are resolved or as long as the individual gives consent for communication.
    10. Each pupil’s Education Record, consisting of academic, attendance, routine pastoral and extra-curricular information as well as key correspondence with parents / guardians and agents, are retained until the individual reaches the age of 25, as required either by the Educational Records (Scotland) Regulations 2003 or by the potential requirement to prove fulfilment of the School’s contract with the parents or guardians.
    11. Pupils’ online accounts associated with their membership of the School will lapse and be deleted when they leave the School.
    12. IT Services retain performance and filtering logs for between 6 months and 1 year.
    13. CCTV recordings are retained for 10 days unless required for investigation of a security incident or suspected crime.
  5. Data retained by the School indefinitely
    1. Some records of historical importance to the School will be held in the Archives. These will be items already in the public domain, in the nature of the School Magazine (The Strathallian), School / Team / Group named photographs, honours boards, press reports, records of sports fixtures and a selection of photographs taken each session to capture the life of the School over that year. Please be aware accounts of people which have been published in print (e.g. a newsletter, the Strathallian magazine, a formal school photograph) cannot be removed, amended or recalled.


This Retention Policy does not provide exhaustive detail of all possible documents we retain which may contain personal information. However, we are happy to provide additional information or explanation needed.

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding this policy then please get in touch with us by contacting:

The Privacy Officer,
Strathallan School,
Perth PH2 9EG
01738 815013

If you are not satisfied with the way that we have handled any of your requests or queries relating to our use of your personal data then you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office: this link will take you to their Complaints page. The Information Commissioner’s Office is the statutory body responsible for overseeing data protection legislation and law in the United Kingdom.