Strathallan Media Team

We are a group of pupils who come together on a weekly basis
to discuss all things media, take photographs, produce video, and
talk about our future careers.

Meet the team


Hi, my name is Harry. I am a landscape photographer, a costume and prop designer and a music producer. I have joined the Media Team to show life around Strathallan through my camera, whether that be at inter house competitions or pupils having fun in their spare time.

Sarah G

Hello! I’m Yan. I’m a member of the 1st XV Rugby Team, and enjoy sport, videography and music.


Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am in Woodlands House, I was born in Scotland but have lived in Texas and Holland. I am the Dance Captain, an ice skater, stage crew member and a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy- on top of helping out in the Riley Music Room!

Sarah M

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am an international boarder at Strath and I live in Thornbank House. I am originally from Australia, but have lived in Saudi Arabia and now Scotland. I am a member of Kenya Team and the chamber choir, a peer mentor and a musical theatre student.


Hi, my name is Ellen. I am a day pupil at Strath, I’ve been here for eight years! I am interested in landscape photography as well as being a percussionist, a hockey player, a Royal Navy officer, a member of the stage crew and coach to a wide range of hockey teams.

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