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Please note the deadline for bursary applications is February 1st of the year of intended entry.

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I/We, being the parent/s of or being the person/s having parental rights in respect to the child named overleaf (referred to as the Pupil hereafter): - Hereby apply for the Pupil to be considered by The Headmaster (referred to as “the Head” hereafter) to become a pupil at Strathallan School (referred to as “Strathallan” hereafter) with effect from the Admission Date specified overleaf. I/We:

  • Will submit a non-refundable registration fee of £100 in respect of the receipt and consideration of this application by Strathallan.
  • Recognise that there is no obligation on Strathallan to offer a place at the School for the Pupil.
  • Authorise Strathallan to disclose this application to the Pupil’s current school
  • Authorise the Pupil’s current school named overleaf to:
  • Disclose to Strathallan such information on the Pupil (e.g. academic report and pupil profile) as may be requested.
  • Confirm to Strathallan whether all fees, where applicable, in respect of the Pupil have been paid to that current school.
  • Understand that if the Head offers a place at Strathallan for the Pupil, then the offer shall be deemed to have been declined and refused if it is not accepted by me/us within the time stipulated in the Head’s offer letter.
  • Disclose to the Head in a separate letter accompanying this form any other relevant information or circumstances of which the School should be made aware including any learning difficulties or medical condition, which might require that my/our child be given special assistance or understanding at the School.
  • Where only one parent/guardian has signed this form I have disclosed in a separate letter accompanying this form an appropriate explanation as to whether parents are divorced/separated/deceased or other circumstances and enclose a copy of a lawful document clarifying legal custody, name and access agreement of prospective pupil applicant.
  • Accept that this application is subject to the School’s admissions policy current as at the date of the receipt of this application by the School, as such policy is from time to time revised or amended