Our commitment to equality and fairness

Our commitment to equality and fairness

Respect for All

Strathallan School has always aspired to be a place where education can be enjoyed and opportunities are provided for all. This looks a bit different in the 21st century but the School’s central ethos and core values remain as important in today’s fight for equality as they did over 100 years ago. Today, Strathallan takes these responsibilities very seriously, and our commitment to tackling inequality and promoting belonging and connectedness can be seen in everything we do, from our sector-leading pastoral care to an academic curriculum that promotes tolerance, fosters respect, and actively tackles inequality in our community and around the world.

Our values of Respect, Honesty, Hard Work, Kindness, Excellence and Humility are underpinned by the universal value of Love, naturally promoting inclusion, tolerance and diversity. By articulating and promoting these core values through assemblies, Chapel, the curriculum and the house tutoring and mentoring systems, the School seeks to encourage and engender within our community the behaviours and understanding that challenge prejudice based on race, ethnicity, religion, ability or identity.

Strathallan launched its first Inclusion and Diversity Committee in September 2020. This committee is made up of both pupils and staff representative of the diverse demographics of the school as a whole – there are over 200 teaching and support staff and over 40 nationalities and every world religion, including atheism and agnostics, represented within the 550-strong pupil body. The Committee has committed to the following:

  • Evaluating the School’s existing Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Policy to suggest both pertinent amendments and practical outcomes to enable the Policy to be active, live and impactful
  • Considering the co-curricular provision of the school as an important way in which we can both reflect on and be sensitive to the needs and experiences of our diverse community
  • Establishing a programme of guest speakers, either in person or online, invited both for their individual expertise and ability to enrich and inform our pupils as well as their ability to reflect the diversity in the school and the broad backgrounds from which our pupils come. This programme will be designed in such a manner as to ensure that all our pupils voices and experiences are reflected, and that everyone feels values, respected, and that they belong
  • Supporting ongoing discussions and decision-making about the appropriateness and value of curriculum content as pertains to issues of equality and diversity

On Racism and BLM

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and subsequent mounting pressure on governments from the Black Lives Matter movement around the world, institutions have been subject to intense scrutiny over their roles in perpetuating or tackling inequality and dismantling systemic racism. The education system has a vital role to play in this. Strathallan has been and actively continues to examine and determine what more we can do to confront prejudice wherever it exists within our community. The following considerations are now explicitly part our ongoing discussions:

  • Seeking suggestions from the Inclusion and Diversity Committee’s for how the School can take forward and implement more explicitly our Equality agenda in tackling racism in all its forms and supporting our BAME pupils and staff
  • Reflecting on the content of the academic curriculum and seeking input from across the School community on how this content reflects current issues and discussions of race and racism
  • Discussing and making decisions about how we prepare pupils for life after school in a diverse and global society
  • Reviewing school policies and procedures relating to race, BLM, inclusion, diversity and the promotion of these issues
  • Including these issues in PSD at an earlier stage
  • Using MUN, Debating and Pubic Speaking to engage pupils in the ideas and issues that lead to better understanding of race, religion, cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Considering the Exam boards’ reading and text lists and lobbying where appropriate for the inclusion of culturally diverse and BAME authors
  • Reviewing current Library stock to ensure the promotion of materials that work in sympathy with and assist the policies of the school in relation to inclusion and diversity

On Identity and Gender

Strathallan is committed to being fair and inclusive and to ensuring every member of our community feels safe, respected and valued during their time here. This means giving support and understanding to everyone, regardless of their sex, gender or identity. The School aims to actively create an LGBT-inclusive culture, workplace and learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect in their own gender identity and expression.

Strathallan expects all staff and pupils to be treated with kindness, honesty, fairness, dignity and respect. Our aim is to create a community that is supportive to such individual needs and provides a professional and consistent service so that all members of the school feel welcome, safe, valued and supported in achieving their potential and contributing as a member of the school. To achieve this, the School has committed to the following:

  • Reviewing policies and procedures in relation to gender identity and expression in order to anticipate and positively respond to the needs of students, staff and alumni
  • Providing staff training in all related topics, including relevant legislation, safeguarding/Child Protection, confidentiality, gender identity and tackling transphobia
  • Creating a positive learning environment and reviewing curriculum content and teaching practices to support LGBTQ youth, affirm their identities, and advance equity and respect for al
  • Responding to concerns and handling any bullying or harassment as grounds for disciplinary action, which will be dealt with under the School’s disciplinary policies

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