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Q. Will my child have a single room?

In Riley, Junior House (ages 9 to 13) pupils share a single-sex dorm with four to six beds. From Third Form (Year 9) all girls have their own single bedroom, from Fourth Form all boarding boys have their own single bedroom.

Q. My child will be a day pupil – will they have a study?

All Fourth Form pupils and above will be given a study bedroom either to share or to have on their own. For younger years study and prep is done together.

Q. My child will be a day pupil – can s/he stay overnight?

This is possible with the permission of the Houseparent. A small charge is made for this.

Q. Are there exeat weekends?

No. The only exception is in Riley, Junior House when there are two exeat weekends in the first term and one in the second.

Q. Can my child stay at School during the holidays?

No. All pupils have to leave the School during the holidays.

Q. Can you arrange transport from the airport?

Yes. Our taxi service, M&M Taxis has been working with the School for over 15 years and many pupils know Margaret, who runs the company, very well. Your Houseparent can help arrange airport pick up and drop off.

Q. Does anything happen at the weekends?

Yes. There are normal lessons for all pupils  on Saturday mornings and usually games in the afternoon. Because over 60% of our pupils are boarders, the weekends are busy. There are social events in the evenings and we offer optional excursions on Sundays throughout the year to nearby towns, cities and attractions. These are charged at cost.

Q. Is accommodation included in the fee?

Yes. For boarding pupils the fees include all tuition and accommodation. You can see full details on our Fees page.

Q. How will my child keep in touch?

Mobile phones are allowed, for sensible use. Access to social networking apps is allowed but is blocked during core hours.

WhatsApp is allowed 6.30am to 7pm daily.

Skype is allowed on the House computer. 7am to 10.30pm.

If you have particular times that you need to speak to your child, simply contact the Houseparent.

Q.  I would like to speak to a current parent. Can you put me in touch?

Yes. We know it can be extremely useful to speak to another parent and would be delighted to connect you with a parent who can help. Contact us.

Q. How do I arrange school uniform?

Parents order school uniform online through specialist uniform supplier Schoolblazer.

Q. Can I buy uniform second hand or sell uniform my child no longer needs?

Yes. You can do this through our School Shop which also sells stationery and other items.

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