Preparing for the future

Andrew Watt

We take the future lives of our pupils seriously at Strathallan. Our Careers and Higher Education Programme is designed to prepare pupils for further study and career opportunities. It begins in Third Form with the introduction to some key life skills through our Personal and Social Development programme (PSD). As pupils move up through the School we introduce a number of strands which form a broad-ranging and comprehensive advice framework.

Andrew Watt, Careers Advisor

The programme is based on four elements:

Inspiring Futures

We work with a leading provider of impartial careers advice, Inspiring Futures. Pupils carry out an online assessment of their interests and aptitudes and work with a panel of outside experts who provide in-depth advice as well as work experience opportunities based on the results.

Higher Education

We advise pupils on university and further education courses and options, invite guest speakers and arrange visits to universities. Pupils can ask for advice from recent leavers through StrathConnect.

Futures Week

Our Lower Sixth form take part in a programme of workshops and training sessions designed to help them with the application process for universities, further education and employment.

Work Experience

Takes place at the end of Fifth Form and there is a developing programme of links with parents and former pupils to provide experience and contacts through StrathConnect, our online networking, mentoring and career platform.

Specialist preparation

In addition pupils can choose to attend specialist groups such as our Medical Ethics Society and our Oxbridge preparation group.


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