What would you like to know about Strath?

What would you like to know about Strath?

We invited our pupils to answer some frequently asked questions about life at Strath. Here's what they told us.

What's the food like?

"We have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main dining hall. There's lots of choice including a salad bar, hot meals and yummy deserts. If you get hungry there's also bread in the house kitchens for making toast and fresh fruit for snacks."

Can I decorate my room?

"You're allowed to bring things from home like blankets, rugs and cushions to make your room feel more cosy. I've also put some posters on my pin board to make my room colourful and unique to me."

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Will I make new friends?

"My first few weeks at Strath were awesome, I met so many new people and made loads of friends. The teachers are really nice and friendly too."

Are the classrooms easy to find?

"When I first started I was worried about finding where the Music Department was but I got there fine. Everyone is so friendly and helpful that you don't need to worry about getting lost."

How do I stay in touch with my family?

"I was worried I'd miss my family but there are computers in my boarding house I can use to Skype home in the evenings if I want to. There's so much to do and I've made so many new friends that I never feel homesick."

What's the homework like?

"You do homework, or prep as it's called at Strath, in the evenings in your boarding house. Or you can do it at home if you're a day pupil. There are house tutors around to help if you get stuck, they're really nice and good at explaining things."

I've never lived away from home before, is boarding ok?

"Before I came to Strath I was worried about boarding but I didn't need to be! My new friends are so nice and kind that everything has been fine."

English isn't my native language, will I be able to understand what people are saying?

"When I first arrived at Strath I thought people talked a bit fast but I got used to it really quickly. Everyone was very understanding and my English has improved so much."

Will I get bored?

"In my spare time I play rugby, football and tennis with my friends. There's so much to do that you never get bored. Weekend trips are great too."

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What are the teachers like?

"The teachers are always smiling, friendly and really polite. You can ask them where to go if you get lost and they'll help you with prep too, they are very patient."

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Will I feel homesick?

"My first day at Strath I was worried about missing my friends from home and being homesick but I felt so welcome that this wasn't a problem. Everything has been fine and I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with my new friends."

What happens if I feel ill?

"If you don't feel well you can speak to the Matron in your house. They are really understanding and will help you to feel better. There are nice nurses in the Health Centre too who can also help if you're ill."

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What will my timetable be like?

"You'll be really busy at Strath with classes during the day, games some afternoons and activities after school has finished. There are classes on Saturday mornings too and lots of fun things to do at the weekend."

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What happens when you leave Sixth Form?

"After Strath lots of people go on to study at universities in the UK and in other countries too. Some also play sports professionally, like rugby and swimming, or join the Armed Forces. If you're not sure what you want to do, there's a careers adviser who will help you decide and work out what subjects you need to study."

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