Academic extension

Developing aptitude –  options beyond the classroom

At Strathallan we take the view that learning can be limitless. That’s why we balance the rigour of exam preparation with a highly-developed academic extension programme.

The programme encourages the development of research skills, problem solving techniques and the ability to think critically and creatively. We also promote an enthusiasm for debate that helps pupils learn how to communicate with confidence.

All of these skills have inherent, lifelong value and are traits sought after by universities and employers.

Amongst other things, the programme features: wide and habitual reading, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, lectures and study trips as well as a Sixth Form Elective programme that builds on academic passions through university-style seminars.

Examples of extension activities

Art and Design Technology

  • Competitions including Perthshire Rotary Young Artist, Saatchi School Art, Friends of the RSA
  • Gallery research trips
  • Visiting lectures e.g. Props and Set for Stage, Make-up Design for Performance
  • Life drawing
  • First Lego League competition
  • DT Club
  • University portfolio development workshops

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • National Olympiads
  • National Challenges and Cambridge Chemistry Challenge
  • Research excursions e.g. Edinburgh Zoo, chemical plant, Falkirk Wheel
  • Visiting lecturers e.g. Talk on Climate Change

History, Classics and Geography

  • Visits to Rome and Auschwitz
  • Visiting lectures eg Augustus, The Making of War Horse, American Civil War
  • Research excursion eg Hadrian’s Wall, Vindolanda
  • Junior and senior history group and university preparation group
  • Film trips and film nights
  • External talks eg The Syrian Refugee Crisis, Climate Change

Economics and Business Studies

  • Economics and politics society
  • Monetary policy economics competition
  • Visits to local businesses
  • Scottish Economic Society Conference
  • Institute of Economic Affairs Conference


  • Outings to plays and filmed plays eg National Theatre’s ‘Hamlet ‘, ‘Of Mice and Men’, Stratford upon Avon
  • Author visits eg Piers Torday
  • Dystopian film series
  • Competitions – Perthshire writers’ poetry competition, Gary Rodgers Creative Writing Prize


  • Competitions eg Enterprising Maths, UKMT, Scottish Maths Council ‘Maths Challenge’
  • Weekly squad training

Modern Languages

  • Six Schools’ Conferences
  • Outings to foreign language films
  • Visits to Barcelona, Antibes
  • Weekly activities – Russian, Spanish, French and German
  • Cookery and film nights


  • Visits to RSNO, BBCSSO, SCO and Scottish Opera
  • Competitions and festivals including Perth Competition Festival, Perth Festival of the Arts
  • Musical Showcase, Perth Concert Hall, Carol concerts in Edinburgh and London
  • Invitational performances eg Opening of international sporting competitions, festivals, conferences
  • Public performances throughout the year

Physical Education

  • Specific and individually tailored fitness programmes
  • Links with Clubs to enhance performance opportunity
  • Regional and District representation opportunities
  • Involvement in National Programmes
  • Injury Prevention – player development
  • Workshops and talks e.g. Coach Education, Nutrition, First Aid
  • Attendance at large sporting events e.g. international rugby and hockey matches
  • Coaching/volunteering/umpire/referee opportunities

Religious Studies and RMPS

  • Visits e.g. High Court, National Museum of Scotland, Perth Prison