Academic approach

Inspiring learning

Our academic timetable runs from Monday to Saturday lunchtime and is focused on the English GCSE and A Level system as well as Scottish Highers over two years. This provides a broad choice of subjects and courses that are suitable for a wide range of abilities and interests.

Our aim is to support every pupil to achieve appropriate examination success, but also to help them develop the skills they’ll require in the future, to encourage them to foster a spirit of intellectual enquiry and to inspire an interest in learning for its own sake.


We review every pupil when they enter the School to enable us to predict potential performance in public examinations. If they are not making sufficient progress then we can intervene rapidly and offer personalised support until they are back on track.

We never cap a pupil’s aspirations, and so each teacher will discuss an aspirational target grade for their subject with every pupil they teach. The teacher can then offer guidance and support in achieving that aspirational target through the feedback given in marking, reports and in individual  conversations.