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Blue & Gold has arrived

Blue & Gold has arrived

Our latest Magazine for Strathallians 'Blue & Gold' is out now.

We are delighted to share the second edition of Blue & Gold, Strathallan's alumni magazine.

If you have any news or stories you would like to share in the next edition, please contact our Alumni and External Relations Manager, Aileen Wilson at a.wilson@strathallan.co.uk

Our Strathallians

Every Strathallan pupil is part of something special that stays with them throughout their lives.

Leavers feel a strong connection to the School long beyond their schooldays. They join a global network of alumni – known as Strathallians – who have rich and varied professional experience in a wide range of fields.

Being a Strathallian brings a sense of a shared identity, underpinned by the values and principles of the School. It also has numerous benefits, including the opportunity to receive university and careers advice from the wider Strathallan community and to connect with fellow Strathallians in cities and countries internationally.

The Strathallian network is hugely valuable to school leavers and recent graduates seeking work experience and a guiding hand on the careers ladder.

Alumni events

The Strathallian community also has a strong social dimension. Friendships formed at Strathallan are long-lasting and supportive, and there are many occasions when former pupils get together at the School and across the globe.

We organise regular events for Strathallians, such as drinks receptions and carol services in the UK and overseas, members also keep in touch and organise their own reunions around the world.

We encourage our former pupils to retain strong links with the School and share their experience through lectures to current pupils. 


Strathallians have exclusive access to our StrathConnect network. It's a secure space where members can seek or offer mentoring services, work experience, job opportunities and keep up to date on the latest Strathallan news.

Recent leavers can advise current pupils on university choices and the application process, and there are opportunities to be an advocate for the School around the world.

Activate your profile.

Can we help you?

From tracking down long lost former classmates to organising a reunion, our Alumni and External Relations Department is always available to support Strathallians. 

We also love to hear news from former pupils, parents and grandparents so get in touch and let us know what you've been up to:

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