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Does playing a role you relate to improve performance?

Does playing a role you relate to improve performance?

Does relating to a role have a tangible difference on performance? This is the question a Strathallan student is seeking to answer and she needs your help.

Sixth Form student Iona F is taking her Extended Project Qualification (AQA) to the next level by surveying the general public on whether or not an actors relatability to a role has a difference on performance.

Help her gather the data she needs by watching the 7-minute video below and then complete this survey

To help Iona with her EPQ please complete her survey below:

EPQ represents a unique opportunity for pupils to excel in an area of their choosing and to demonstrate to universities and employers that they are capable of working independently and to a high standard. They will acquire tools that are directly relevant to both such as effective planning, researching, self-evaluation, presentation skills and referencing.

The qualification is heavily supported by the Russell Group universities and applications with EPQs are viewed favourably and, in some cases, lead to reduced offers.

The EPQ offers pupils the opportunity to plan and produce a project on a topic of their choosing. The possibilities are endless but this allow pupils to demonstrate an interest beyond their existing studies. The exact nature of the project is up to the individual but could take the form of: a dissertation, an artefact, a performance, an event or a design. Our pupils’ EPQs have fallen into a wide variety of subject areas such as: History, Politics, Science and Engineering, The Performing Arts, Human Geography, Law etc.

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