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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

These are being described as unprecedented times and all of us are coping with significant changes to our everyday lives. When lockdown was announced there was a focus on taking on a ‘corona challenge’ by learning a new skill, starting a training regime, making something positive out of the restrictions. As time has gone on, the most important thing is getting through this; there remains a lot of uncertainty and it is hard not to keep reading the news hoping for any positive updates. To help deal with our new day-to-day lives it is particularly important to look after our Mental Health. The Peer Mentors will be putting challenges on the House teams every day this week and below are some top tips in about looking after your mental health: It is likely that a large number of you will already be putting some, if not all, of these in place but it is always beneficial to reflect on what you have already achieved to help you cope with the changes.

Get outside

Where possible, being outside allows you to get perspective on your day whether you are just sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, talking a walk, going for a run or bike ride. Even five minutes of fresh air can make a huge difference. You can also use this as an opportunity to help Strathallan walk around the world: get sponsored for your first 100 miles with the money going towards local charities combatting Coronavirus. Your miles can be on foot, either walking or running, on a bike, on horseback, whatever you choose to do. Once this has been completed we are aiming for the Moon!

Have a routine

We are all getting used to a new way of working and a new timetable. Keeping to regular routines can help you feel more in control; getting up at the same time, going to sleep at a regular time and structuring your day outside of lesson time with sports and activities, including relaxation time such as reading a book. This includes getting properly dressed in the morning as this ensures you are in the right frame of mind to work. Having a routine during the week means that you will appreciate the weekend all the more.

Take a break from screens/social media

We are all spending much more time on screens, whether for our lessons, catching up with friends and family via zoom calls but it is important to know when to have a break as well. Put aside some time every day where you put down your devices and turn off your screen, particularly before bedtime as a good sleep helps deal with the challenges of the next day.

Keep connected

While Strath Worldwide has ensured that you are still learning, what it cannot provide is the time between lessons, walking with friends, sitting in the dining hall or in house, talking about the little details of the day. Make sure you take time to get in touch with those you miss and make you feel better; give them a call, organise a face-to-face chat, set up new groups. Don’t forget that there is also help available at school still, whether through your tutor, Housemaster/mistress, Mr Barnes, the Rev, Ms MacBain, your class teacher, in fact anyone you are happy to talk to.

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