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Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week 2022

Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week 2022

Strathallan School is proud to celebrate Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, find out what has been planned this week from our Captain of School Melissa.

Scotland is celebrating Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week from the 3rd to the 9th of October. The increasing media coverage and sponsorship of women's sports means the goal of gender equality is closing in on the touchline. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games saw more medals available for women’s events for the first time highlighting the increasing opportunities for women at elite levels. In addition, the upcoming women’s rugby world cup in New Zealand will be a great opportunity to support the Scottish team which will no doubt further increase the sport’s profile.

The progress seen in women's sports helps to break down harmful stereotypes which discourage women from taking up new sports or seeking progression to a higher level. In many cases being able to see women at various levels of sport will provide encouragement for higher participation rates.

For these reasons, senior girls and staff have collaborated to curate a fun-filled week of sports, lectures and discussion groups. Through these events, our goal is to promote themes of visibility and participation in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Activities such as water polo, boxing and trampolining will allow girls to try new sports with friends. In addition to hosting a sports session, former Olympic swimmer Hannah Miley MBE will deliver a lecture on the impact of the menstruation cycle on women in sports.

Of course, the promotion of women in sport goes far beyond this week and Strathallan does this as it continues to grow the sports and competitive teams available to girls, as seen by the introduction of a girls rugby team last season alongside fixtures for cricket and squash teams.

We hope to promote participation whether it be competitive or social. Sport is paramount to not only our physical health but our mental well-being too as it provides an outlet from the classroom and an opportunity to expand social groups along with improving self-confidence and skills such as leadership, resilience and teamwork.

- Melissa Forrest-Smith, Captain of School

Schedule for Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week

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