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Soaring success: Fife airport welcomes Strathallan student-built plane for testing

Soaring success: Fife airport welcomes Strathallan student-built plane for testing

Exciting news for Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust as the two-seater aircraft built at Strathallan School moves to Fife Airport at Glenrothes for flight testing. Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust (ASSET) is counting another success in its STEM outreach with the completion of a second “School Build a Plane” (BAP) project.

This build has been completed at Strathallan School in Perthshire, where up to forty pupils took part, as part of the STEM curriculum, in the assembly work which got underway in January 2023. Over the build period, another 360 or so school children have enjoyed visits to the workshop to see the aeroplane and learn about the project.

The plane has now been moved from the school to Fife Airport to undergo rigorous flight testing prior to a Civil Aviation Authority Permit to Fly being issued.

The school build programme has been managed by expert volunteer, and ASSET trustee, Robin Chisholm under the auspices of the British Microlight Aircraft Association inspection regime.

Similar to the first Build a Plane project at Kinross High School in 2018, the ASSET team once again selected a Eurofox two seat light aircraft for assembly as a school project. The kit was manufactured in Slovakia and transported to the school in Forgandenny, Perthshire.

The aircraft has been pre-registered with the CAA as G-OLOV reflecting the Strathallan School motto – Labor Omnia Vincent – “Work Conquers All”

Headmaster of Strathallan, Mark Lauder, said: I am so proud of all the pupils whose collaborative efforts have contributed to the completion of a fully functional light aircraft. This achievement embodies not just our commitment to make STEM education accessible and exciting for all ages in our school, but also exemplifies the power of teamwork and dedication. I am very much looking forward to seeing Strathallan pupils enjoying the fruits of their labours once the plane is certified for its first flight.

Commenting on the project, ASSET chairman Alisdair Stewart said: “We are delighted to announce the completion of our second Build a Plane project, forming a key strand of our STEM outreach programme. It gave pupils a hands-on chance to learn about aircraft design, engines and avionics and to experience the build at every stage and might just be the encouragement required to lead some of them further into STEM and aviation related careers.

“Robin Chisholm has given an immense amount of voluntary time and dedication to the project and we want to sincerely thank him and Strathallan School staff for working collaboratively with our small team of volunteers and the pupils to bring this project through to fruition.

“Watch out for our news on G-OLOV taking to the skies”

Once the permit to fly has been obtained, pupils will get the chance to experience the sheer joy of flight in the aircraft they helped to build and to learn about associated disciplines such as meteorology, navigation and radio telephony for years to come.

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