Day pupils

Where days extend into all kinds of activities

At Strathallan our day pupils enjoy the full Strathallan experience. We welcome them in exactly the same way as our boarders and they’re able to take full advantage of all our impressive facilities. From music lessons to dance and drama and our stunning array of sports and activities, everything’s here on campus and available to our day pupils.

Flexibility for hard-working parents

From Third Form, every day pupil is assigned a study bedroom which they share with one other pupil. Although day pupils can leave at 3.30pm in the Junior House and after activities in the senior part of the School, many choose to stay until much later so that they can do their prep and then join in evening activities.

An inclusive approach

Our fully-integrated approach for day pupils gives parents peace of mind, knowing their children have a multitude of opportunities at their fingertips and  access to exceptional teaching staff, specialist coaches and tutors. It also provides added flexibility for those who occasionally need to work away or would simply like their child to stay in School overnight.

School bus transportation

We offer day pupil transport which brings pupils to school for 8.00am and leaves school at 7.30pm. Day pupils can also occasionally stay overnight by special request to their Housemaster.

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