Health & wellbeing

We pay great importance to the health and well-being of every pupil

Health promotion

At Strathallan we place great importance on the well-being and mental health of our pupils as well as encourage them to lead active lives. Our nurses are involved in health promotion in co-ordination with the Personal and Social Development programme and see groups of pupils to discuss health and lifestyle issues.

Health Centre

The Health Centre is located centrally on campus and is staffed by a team of fully-qualified nurses. It has two three-bedded wards, consulting rooms, treatment room, physiotherapy room and a relaxation room.

Two doctors (one male, one female) hold surgeries during the week and other specialists and health visitors attend when necessary. Perth Royal Infirmary is 7.5 miles away in case of emergencies.

As well as supporting pupils with medical or health concerns, the Health Centre takes a proactive role in promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Peer Mentor Programme

Sometime young people prefer to talk to other young people about concerns or worries they may have. To help this we operate a Peer Mentor Programme where selected senior pupils receive training in a number of core skils. These include active listening, conflict resolution and how to deal with the issues that can arise on a day-to-day basis in a boarding school, as well as delivering training on online safety.

Our Peer Mentors work closely with members of their respective boarding houses and offer regular sessions in a ‘safe space’ where those with concerns can drop in or arrange a time to talk. They are supported in this role by the Head of PSD, Deputy Head Pastoral  and the Health Centre who are available to offer advice and assistance as needed.

Health and wellbeing week

Every year we organise a week of activities designed to introduce pupils and staff to new ways of thinking and approaching the management of their own wellbeing. Sessions include Tai Chi on the lawn, meditation and yoga and mealtimes are accompanied by live music sessions in the dining hall. It’s a fabulous and inspirational week.

Healthy eating

Pupils have their main meals in the centrally-located Dining Hall. There are hot and cold choices for breakfast and there is a choice of soup, three hot dishes and a salad bar at lunchtime and in the evenings as well as a choice of desserts. All dietary requirements are catered for and there is also a number of themed nights through the year where pupils can sample cuisine from different parts of the world.

Pupils are also able to make microwave snacks, toast and hot drinks in their Houses.