A Warm Welcome to Thornbank

A Warm Welcome to Thornbank

A friendly and warm place based on kindness and family values.

We look forward to welcoming you to our thriving and happy House community.

Thornbank is the place to get involved! This could be at the in-House events such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter parties, one of our many BBQs, dancing at our 'silent disco', it just relaxing with others in the common room for a Saturday movie night.

Tutor groups have outings and innings and Thornbank has House family events and competitions too. There are also many opportunities to represent the House and School in sport, art, music, performing arts, debating and academic endeavour.

In Thornbank, we are supportive of each other and there is a strong sense of family at the very heart of the House, particularly at weekends when we all come together across year groups to order takeout, play games, watch movies, bake, or just chat during the quieter moments. The older girls take a caring role towards those in younger years and they and your House buddies will encourage you to join in and to be part of the house.

We want you to be happy, get involved, and achieve the best that you can so that you look back in the future and remember the house with affection as a place that helped give you the skills, abilities, and friends you will keep for life.

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