Term dates

2017 – 2018

Autumn Term 2017

Monday 4th September (7pm) – Thursday 14th December (3.30pm)
Half Term: Thursday 19th October (1.15pm) – Sunday 29th October (9pm)

Spring Term 2018

Monday 8th January (9pm) – Friday 23rd March (10.30am)
Half Term: Friday 16th February (1.15pm) – Sunday 25th February (9pm)

Summer Term 2018

Tuesday 17th April (9pm) – Saturday 30th June*
Half Term: Saturday 26th May (1pm) – Sunday 3rd June (9pm)


26th May (Parents should note that pupil attendance is compulsory) *The Summer Term will end at 11.00am with the Valedictory Service commencing at 12.00 pm