Home from home

Houses are at the heart of life at Strathallan. Our junior pupils are part of Riley House until they graduate into Senior Houses while all other pupils are assigned a House when they join the School and remain part of that House during their time with us.

House ‘parents’

Each House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress who lives there with their family (and often pets!). All of our House parents also teach and coach sports or take activities so they’re fully embedded in the life of the School.

Housemasters and Housemistresses play a vital role in overseeing the wellbeing of every pupil in their House, and ensuring they are flourishing academically and in their other activities. They are the primary point of contact for parents or guardians with any queries about their child.

Each House also has an Assistant Housemaster or Housemistress, a House Matron and domestic staff. House Matrons looks after pupils’ health and also run the domestic side of the House. Should there be a need for medical care, a fully equipped purpose-built Health Centre is located centrally on the campus and Perth Royal Infirmary is nearby.

House Tutors

House Tutors oversee a year group within a House and are responsible for approximately ten tutees. Tutors hold two weekly meetings with their tutees to make sure they’re balancing their academic workload, sports and extra-curricular activities in addition to using this time for general discussion. Topics covered include etiquette, time keeping and personal goal setting.

Senior pupils

Each House also extends responsibilities to some senior pupils who do their best to make sure each pupil enjoys their time in the House and participates fully in the various activities on offer in the wider school. These senior pupils, led by the Head of House, use the insights they’ve built up over their years at Strathallan to answer younger pupils’ questions and to encourage them to take part in house activities like concerts, plays, musical and debating competitions, and so on.




Buddy system

When pupils first join Strathallan they’re assigned a ‘buddy’ in their House. Their role is to make sure new pupils have a friendly face who can show them around, introduce them to new friends and answer any questions pupils may have.

Living accommodation

The Houses are a home from home for pupils and are designed to be welcoming and comfortable. Each House has a communal lounge and games room, study areas, kitchen areas (brew rooms) and small sitting rooms on each floor and basic kitchen facilities with daily supplies of fruit, bread, milk, butter and jam. Pupils have their meals in the centrally-located Dining Hall. Each House also has wireless network coverage that pupils can use.

Sleeping – Single study bedrooms from Years 9 & 10

In the Junior House, Riley, boarding pupils share a dormitory of between four and six.

In the Senior part of the School girls have their own room from Third Form (Year 9) and boys have their own room from Fourth Form (Year 10).

All bed spaces or bedrooms are seen to be private spaces which pupils can decorate as they please (within limits set by the Housemasters).

Our day pupils are also provided with study bedrooms which they may share with one other pupil.

Day pupils can also request to stay overnight by arrangement with their Housemasters.

House facilities

Each House has:

  • Comfortable bedrooms/study rooms
  • TV areas / Games rooms / Quiet zones
  • Common rooms for pupils from other Houses to visit
  • A kitchen for tea/toast and light snack making facilities
  • Wireless internet access
  • Network PCs and laptops for pupil use

House life

Popular features of house life include:

  • Inter-house competitions
  • Inter-house music, comedy and variety nights
  • Inter-house social evenings and weekends
  • Access to staff who both keep them on track and provide advice and encouragement.