B Heaney, Housemaster


Brian Heaney BSc DipEd

Assistant Housemaster
Shaun Mitchell, BSc PGCE

House Matron
Diane Long

The most important thing in Freeland House is the way we treat each other. Freeland prides itself on being a safe, caring and supportive family which embraces the rich variety of talents and personalities that its members bring. Our values of honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness and respect are fundamental to our strength as a community.

Members of the House know that their opinions will be valued and their privacy respected. They are encouraged to try new things and are praised for their efforts, not just their achievements. While we like to win, for us, creating the opportunity for all to be involved is just as important.

We hope that the pupils will leave Freeland having learned something about the importance of being a team player. The contribution of each individual is fundamental to the tone and wellbeing of the whole House and each member will have the opportunity to lead and contribute as he progresses through the School. His journey will be guided by a devoted team of tutors and by caring domestic staff.

Similarly our pupil leaders take a keen interest in the lives of the members of the House and do all that they can to make each person’s time in Freeland a happy and fulfilling experience. Many will have developed friendships which will last a lifetime.

Brian Heaney, Housemaster