KWilson_Glenbrae Houseparent


Karyn Wilson BSc PGCE
Assistant Housemistress
Kathryn Haddick MA(Hons), PGDE
House Matron
Lynn Byrne

Karyn Wilson (III Form and UCAS)

Morc Tod (IV Form)

John MacBain (IV Form)

Susan Halley (V Form)

Francesca Sapsford (LVI)

Isla Woodman (LVI)

Carole Sim-Sayce (UVI)

Welcome to Glenbrae

At Glenbrae Dr Woodman, the Assistant Housemistress, and myself work closely with the team of visiting tutors, to ensure that all girls are making best use of the academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities that life at Strathallan affords them. It is our wish that the girls will leave Glenbrae with a sense of having belonged to a caring, friendly community where they have felt supported and have had the opportunity to contribute, as an individual and as part of a team.

The girls are confident, happy and well-rounded and are prepared to have a go at a wide range of school activities. Girls sing in the choirs, perform on stage, work as stage crew, take music and LAMDA lessons, assume positions in the CCF, raise funds for various charities, as well as training for, and competing in, a myriad of sports – hockey, netball, swimming, rugby, cricket, football, badminton, squash, gymnastics, shooting, equestrian, triathlon, dance and golf. Glenbrae recognises and appreciates the talents of each individual, encouraging participation at every opportunity.

Life is never dull in Glenbrae; there is always something happening and the girls fill the day with laughter and their endless, infectious enthusiasm.

Karyn Wilson, Housemistress



Glenbrae has approximately 65 girls, most are boarders and have their own study bedrooms. Day girls, where possible, share a study with another day girl in the same year group. Each floor has at least one common room; the ground floor has two, one for hosting visitors from other houses and includes our table tennis table, table football and Wii computer station, the other, known as ‘the cubby’, is a social and study area for the Upper Sixth. There is also a large foyer area with plenty of seating which the girls migrate to.

The first and second floors each have one common room, the first floor housing the younger two years (Third and Fourth Forms) and the second floor housing the Fifth and Lower Sixth Forms. Each has a small kitchenette, comfy sofas and television and DVD facilities, in addition to a stunning view of the 1st XI cricket field and over the school campus. These provide the perfect location for tutor meetings, group study, socialising during breaks in the school day and relaxation in the evenings and at weekends.

Homely and welcoming

The house has a very homely feel to it, and this is important in helping those new to the house to settle in.

Each new girl is assigned a buddy, someone to ease their transition to a new school or the move to a new boarding house within Strathallan. Their buddy will write to them in the summer term or over the summer break, support them in those first few days and in their endeavours throughout the year. This is a role and responsibility that most of our senior students are keen take on.

Wide range of activities

Glenbrae hosts a multitude of events from tutor group celebrations, Buddy Nights, House Music celebrations, Halloween, the Christmas party, birthday meals, tutor group innings (meals or events in house) and tutor group outings (these have included miniature golf, running ‘The Devil Dash’, meals out and trips to the cinema). These are greatly enjoyed by pupils, who integrate well across the different year groups as well as enjoying time together as a year group.

Each pupil is assigned a tutor who looks after them academically and pastorally, monitoring progress and discussing goals, aims and targets with them on a continuing basis.

We look forward to welcoming you to Glenbrae.


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