Mr Matt Bergin

Assistant Housemaster

House Matron
Kirsteen McKellar

Nicol is a close-knit family and our success is built on a strong sense of togetherness. Our values are central to our community; honesty, kindness, good manners, tolerance, respect for our home, support for all house competitions and a determination to do our best.

We pride ourselves on our strong academic, creative and sporting traditions and Nicolites are proud to make the most of a humbling diversity of talents.

It is our hope that members of Nicol leave with a sense of having belonged to a caring and friendly house whose members are mutually supportive. Every individual will have an opportunity to lead and to contribute as well as to grow in confidence and ability through their formative years of their lives, forging friendships that will remain long after they have left us.
Matt Bergin, Housemaster