K McKinney, Woodlands

Keenan McKinney, BSc BEd

Assistant Housemistress
April Wardlaw, BSc

House Matron
Margaret Clayton

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” – Woodlands House motto

Woodlands is an open, tolerant and trusting house based on a mutual respect for all of its members both pupils and staff. Woodlands provides a secure base with an opportunity for each girl to develop responsibility and leadership.

All members of Woodlands receive the support and encouragement to grow as confident and responsible young women, preparing them for their life after Strathallan. We encourage the girls to participate in all aspects of school life and to this end we enjoy both the involvement and, often, victory in inter house competitions.

Woodlands girls are proud of their house and its achievements producing a welcoming family environment. The warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere allows the girls to achieve their full potential while making friends for life.

Keenan McKinney, Housemaster